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Posterita provides retailers with what they want:


Posterita is designed with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that:
  • Simplifies your life by making common tasks fast and easy
  • Prevents errors and reduces training time and expenses
  • Processes sales quickly to keep checkout lines moving
Posterita combines ERP features together with the user-friendliness of the web:
  • With data in a central database, you can gain an overall view of multiple locations
  • You gain complete control over your retail operations
  • Make better strategic decisions. No more guesswork
Posterita provides mobility and adaptability to your business:
  • Cloud-based system allows access from anywhere at any time with a computer or tablet
  • ERP structure makes system updates and location expansion easier than ever
  • Posterita makes your POS portable

Intuitive and process oriented Screen Layout

Posterita is designed with an intuitive and retail process-oriented screen layout. Navigation is easy and reduces employee training time and error. Common tasks can be performed with unprecedented ease and speed - for fast checkout and remarkable efficiencies that keep your business going and growing.

Task-Oriented Workflow

Posterita is designed to guide you through each step of your workflow. It displays and prompts you to enter relevant information for the task you want to carry out. So you can just focus on what you want to achieve. It even helps you avoid making mistakes or skipping steps. If you make an error, Posterita will alert you.

Perform all POS operation on a single screen

In Posterita, you can perform all common tasks and POS operations on a single screen such as refunds, and exchanges, discount, tax, assign sales to customers and many more.

Touchscreen Design

Posterita is finger smart and ideal for touchscreen. Enter characters, numbers or select a product directly on your screen with a single finger or a stylus. No keyboard or mouse required.

Built-in Help Text

Posterita has built in help text that will allow you to train your employees in a fraction of the time. If questions do arise, Posterita offers built-in help within every page of the application. Answers to questions are always just one click away. This reduces mistakes and loss due to employee error.

Monitor employee activity and attendance remotely

You can assign employee access rules and track every employee action.

Receive instant notifications

Set the system to notify you via email about anything you want to track. Posterita is designed to prevent discount errors, misuse and even abuse via sophisticated control and business logic mechanisms.

Search Orders

Find any open order (per vendor, per customer, per employee).

Measure performance of anything

By using context-sensitive reports, you can access data by store, group of stores, employee, and inventory.

Automatic daily stock take

Set up an automatic daily stock take for greater store and employee accountability.

Manage multiple stores effortlessly

All stores share a common data set, such as product references, price lists, and vendors that can be centrally modified. This prevents double entries and other needless duplication of effort.

Everything is recorded!

Posterita records everything as sales happen or any other modifications are made. And it can provide you with a complete trail of events with time stamps for all operations. So all data can be traced back to the user who created or modified it. You can forget about unaccountable actions.

Cloud-based POS

You can access Posterita with unprecedented ease. Your entire retail operation is accessible wherever you go.

Tablet POS

Posterita makes your POS portable. With the IPad app found in Itunes, you can access Posterita on your tablet. Posterita becomes an Android point of sale table by just using the built-in web browser.


The cloud and ERP architecture allows you to scale it to any configuration from one terminal to many terminals, in one store or multiple stores.

Remote Implementation

Since it is cloud-based, you can implement Posterita in a new store from any remote location. You'll be ready to open the doors and start selling - without even having to visit the store.

Remote troubleshooting and support

You'll have access to immediate support and troubleshooting when you subscribe to the services offered by the majority of Posterita resellers. As soon as you face an issue, your reseller can take control of your store or stores over the Internet - and tell you what needs to be done immediately.

Automatic Updates

Posterita keeps innovating and introducing features, patches, fixes and automatically updating your application to ensure that your system is always at the cutting-edge of retail management.

Continuous Innovation

Posterita is currently working on integration with QuickBooks, location-based marketing apps, social media, and email campaign management software to provide a complete retail solution.