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Become a Partner Profit from a Revolution in Retail

Are you interested in increasing your revenues? We are!
With Posterita SuccessPARTNER! Program, you get tangible benefits that are aimed at increasing your sales revenue and customer base. We offer three partnership levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The levels are based on revenues you generate with Posterita and reward performance. Partner of all sizes are welcome. Whether you are a small business or larger operation, Posterita is ready to team up with you to work toward mutual success.


As a bronze partner you start with several advantages including training, sales, marketing support, and more.


Become a silver partner and benefit from higher margins. Also, begin receiving prequalified leads.


As a Gold Partner, you have reached the highest partner level. You will receive full access to our reseller benefits and the highest margins.

SuccessPARTNER! - Your Benefits

1. Great margins and revenue opportunities

Posterita has highly competitive margins on the licensing fees. Plus, it's an easy product to sell. So you make more with less effort.

2. Dedicated channel management

You'll have your own dedicated channel manager who will know your business. You will be able to discuss business plans, marketing initiatives, product plans, features development and other topics.

3. Free product training

Posterita provides free product training when you join the partner program. In fact, it is required. We want all of our partners to feel confident in selling to their clients.

4. Pre-Qualified Leads

Posterita software receives many lead inquiries from retailers because many are converting to cloud-based POS software.

5. Marketing and Sales tools

Partners will have access to several various marketing and sales tools including: sales PowerPoint, whitepapers, product collaterals, and a lead management system.

6. Dedicated Partner Portal

The Posterita partner portal is a comprehensive business management site provided to all partners. Here you can access sales and marketing materials, lead management tools, as well as all program policies.

7. Reseller levels to reward sales levels

The SuccessPARTNER! Program is divided into three different levels based on the level of revenues e partner contributes. This is designed to reward partners with high revenue levels with higher margins and added benefits.

8. Great product to sell

Posterita is a cloud-based point of sales system, which is the future of retail. Combine this along with the program's user-friendly interface, and you can see how it is an easy product to sell.

9. White-Labeling opportunities

If you choose, Posterita can also be white-labeled for your business. You can white-label the application and marketing materials with your own brand.

10. Strong technical and customer support

We are 100% behind you and the product. We offer standard technical support for partners including chat, email, and phone service. Also, since the software is cloud-based, it is much faster for us to be able to diagnose and fix issues. We have control over the environment so solving a configuration issue to installing updates; technical support is not only easy, it also makes a great selling point.