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FAQ/Help Multiple Stores and Location

  • Can Posterita handle different tax rates and tax categories for different items?

Yes of course. Posterita's Tax rules engine allow you to apply differences in tax regimes and jurisdictions to any of your stores very easily. It also lets you apply them to the different types of products you're selling across your stores. To accommodate different tax rates based on the type of goods, you simply create an additional tax category, for instance, a tax exempt category.

  • Multiple warehouses?

Yes. Posterita allows you to track as many warehouses that you need. There are also other uses for warehouses, such as putting damaged goods into separate warehouses. The items may be in the same location physically, but creating separate warehouses can help you keep track of items and classify them.

  • Can I track performance of each store in real time?

Yes. Each transaction that is carried out in a store is recorded as belonging to a store. As a result, you can monitor each one of your store performance individually.

  • How easy is it to consolidate stores' data?

Yes, with Posterita this is really easy. Posterita uses a single inventory file for your entire organization. As a result, it is very simple to aggregate your data and track each store's performance individually or as a group.

  • Do I need to input my data for each different store?

No. You only need to enter your items list only once. Posterita keeps all your master file on a single database. If you want to account for price differences across different regions, you can configure different price lists for different regions or states.

  • Can I add/delete terminals/stores easily?

Yes, this is very simple. Just go in the applications' settings and add/delete terminals and stores.